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Victoria Naylor-Leyland

Founder of Kosmos

(née Howard-Jones)


“Effectively, we work closely with clients seeking to enhance the productivity of their company, be it for a large corporate office, an individual or anywhere in between”


An Edinburgh University Graduate with an MA in Philosophy, Victoria has spent almost her entire career working in Recruitment. Her industry knowledge of the sector is highly sought after by a range of clients.  


The experience Victoria gained over the years in her chosen field has given her great insight into recruitment in the modern, enhancing our client and candidate experience, and bolstering the overall value proposition.


Alongside Kosmos, Victoria has been an integral board member for a top UK independent school's careers network, helping put career, internship and networking programmes in place, offering advice, mentoring and work opportunities to present students, recent graduates and those further down their career paths. Victoria has attended training courses with the Recruitment and Employment Confederation and completed a Foundational Coaching Course.


In 2014, Victoria’s combined experience and vision built around core relationships, fuelled her ambition to found Kosmos Recruitment Limited. Today, Victoria manages Kosmos with maintained enthusiasm and commitment to her clients and her candidates.


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