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Charlotte Howard-Jones

Commercial Director

Graduating in 2001, Charlotte began her career as a Photographer’s Assistant, working long hours the world over, finding herself dutifully fulfilling her responsibilities despite being halfway up a telegraph pole, winched down the side of a large cruise ship or keeping her cool in a nuclear bunker.


After temping in Finance, in 2008 Charlotte settled for the more traditional role of Administrative Assistant. She steadily progressed to becoming the Senior EA to a Founding Partner in Finance and then Office Manager in London for a $16Bn Hedge Fund. 


Prior to Kosmos, Charlotte worked in property, channelling the skills she had acquired as a Photographer’s Assistant and Office Manager, seamlessly moving to the position of Commercial Director.


Relishing demanding, fast paced environments and always thinking on her feet, Charlotte has experience and know how, ranging from hands on involvement within the role of a support team member to managerial posts and senior management. Charlotte’s unique insight has proved valuable time and time again, establishing herself as a fantastic addition to the Kosmos team.


Charlotte holds a BA Hons degree from the University for the Creative Arts and Prince II Foundation and Practitioner’s certificates. Charlotte is also a qualified Transformational Coach specialising in leadership and career development.

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